Natural Deodorant Spray Malaysia | Anti Odour Body Spray – Skin Brightening Deodorant

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    • All – Natural Ingredients (Plant & Fruit Based Ingredients)
    • Fights Body Odor Effectively
    • Brightens Underarms Naturally
    • Easy Application
    • Baking Soda and Alum Free
    • Chemical Free (non antiperspirant)
    • Non-greasy
    • Doesn’t stain clothes
    • Doesn’t clog pores
    • For Men, Women, and Children
    • Suitable for all skin types


Tried & Tested on 50 individuals (active lifestyle):
Made of 15 male and 35 female, aged between 25-60 yrs old (different skin type).
All 50 indivuals have a common battle which is body odour, 30 of them also suffers from darkened skin on their underarms. We got them to put our product to the test. Results as below.

Real People & Real Results:

  • 95% of them said it works & lasted a whole day for them
  • 85% achieve smoother & more even skin tone on their underarms
  • 60% claimed that after the 1st week of usage, they could apply alternate days without smelling


In support of Breast Cancer Foundation- RM1 from every unit sold will be donated back to the foundation.

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Why we love them:

Easy to use and effective.  This product is made with the same active ingredient which is the activated charcoal that our beloved natural deodorant balm is made from. An all-natural anti odour body spray with activated charcoal that effectively removes bad body odor. It allows your underarms to breathe, detoxify, and rid themselves of odour-causing bacteria.! Free of bicarbonate soda, aluminum, alum, antiperspirant, parabens, alcohol, and fragrance.

Brightens uneven skin tone :
Fruit Acid Extract helps to combat darkened skin, it evens out skin tone by naturally renewing damaged skin cells so you can be confident in those pits!

Aloe Vera Extract help with healing and softening the skin. It’s soothing, anti-inflammatory and calms irritation. It’s perfect to soften and protect your skin cells! It’s also filled with powerful antioxidants, reducing the appearance of scarring and permanent markings. It soothes and softens sore skin too!


Antiperspirants have been proven to worsen body odor by reacting with our body’s natural chemicals and moisture, but Hello Natural Co’s deodorant is formulated with no-nasty ingredients, helping keep bad odour at bay and brightens dark underarms.

Safe for pregnant women, breast-feeding women, and children. 

  • Aluminum-Free
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Propylene Glycol-Free
  • Phthalates-Free
  • Triclosan-Free
  • Synthetic Fragrance-Free
  • Baking Soda Free
  • Alum Free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free


Additional information

Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 3.2 cm

Lavender & Peppermint, Rose Geranium


Activated Charcoal – Deodorize Odour
Fruit acid extract – Promotes skin brightening and removing dead skin cells
Aloe Vera Extract – To soothe and nourish skin
Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oil



How to Use


Easy application, spray on to clean underarms. Once a day only.


Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture

Weight: 60 ml

4 reviews for Natural Deodorant Spray Malaysia | Anti Odour Body Spray – Skin Brightening Deodorant

  1. Felicia Hong

    NOW THIS! is flippin’ amazing. I’ve used for about 2 weeks now. No smell the entire day and whiten my armpits. I’ve been using commercial deodorants all these while and it tends to darken my armpit. After switching to this, my skin tone is even and no more flaky skin on my armpit. Also thank you for educating me about deodorants.

  2. Nurul

    Personally I like the deodorant balm better than this. I’ve tried both, the deodorant balm keeps me odourless for longer hours compare to the spray one. Overall, this is not as good as hello natural deodorant balm but anyone of you can give it a try first

  3. Carmen

    This seriously works. One spray in the morning and it keeps me odorless all day long! No sticky feeling, no residue, just fresh smelling! Love it!

  4. Amrit

    Love this deo! It’s the best deo I’ve used so far. It’s easy to use, last long, brightens and smoothen my pits too! Definitely will repurchase!

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