Deodorant Powder Malaysia | The Dry Shower Deodorant (Remove Foot & Body Odour)

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NEW FORMULA – Free from Sodium Bicarbonate – Battle away the extra sweat with this talc-free, all natural, powerful odour and sweat absorbing powder blend! Handcrafted with herbs and natural clays to effectively eliminate body odour, deodorise underarms, feet and your entire body!

Keeps you dry and smelling fresh!

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Skin Loving Ingredients:  zea mays (corn) starch, kaolin clay, silica ,activated charcoal  vanilla, & sweet orange essential oils.

Weight: 60g

To use: Apply the powder on any area of your body that needs to freshen up. It’s as easy as that!

Free from sodium bicarbonate, suitable for all skin types


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5 reviews for Deodorant Powder Malaysia | The Dry Shower Deodorant (Remove Foot & Body Odour)

  1. Gaby

    Highly recommend! I normally use it right after gym when I’m rushing and have no time for quick a shower. Does keep me dry and smelling good – a fast way to remove body odour instantly ( i use it for my feet too). Love the refreshing smell.

  2. Carol Ting

    I have really bad foot odour for the longest time, and it’s always been such an embarrassment for me when i need to take off my shoes during visitations. But I can say that this works really well with removing foot odour! Been using this for my feet around 3 weeks and so far I didn’t notice any odour. I also sprinkle a bit of the powder into my sport shoes to remove any smell. Definitely a must have for anyone who has foot odour!

  3. Jasmine

    I normally apply the natural deodorant balm first then topped up with the powder cause I tend sweat a lot, i like that the powder does help to keeps me much dryer then just applying the natural deodorant balm alone. Also, I do no struggle with body odour anymore after applying this wohoo!

  4. Marilyn

    Convenient to use & bring around, remove sweat odour instantly.

  5. ms_mikha

    For me who is having excessive sweating problem, this powder is not enough to keep my underarm dry all day long. I still having issues with wet underarms area on my shirt but it is better than my previous deodorant which was worst. What I can say is it does helps me reduce the the amount of sweat, and makes me feel fresh even after I sweat a a lot. Plus there is no more horrible smell especially when i was outdoor under hot weather. I am still finding the best product to reduce my sweat by the way..

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