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Founder of Hello Natural Co
Dunamis duo venture (002968028-P)

about sONIA

Founder Sonia on a journey to womanhood, who also has sensitive skin has been using commercial products without having the knowledge that many times labels on the packaging doesn’t depicts the nature of ingredient used. Although buying product that claims “Natural” many times still contains paraben. With that she started on a journey of discovering natural ingredient skincare with the focus of solving problems that people usually face, and started something which is close to her heart (physically) …. deodorant.



On a mission to solve body & foot odour & more!

Many times Sonia  felt the deodorant doesn’t really work and it just mask the smell, she then managed to work out with a chemist to work on the ingredient to come up with a natural deodorant, tried and tested countless times on both of them and their loved ones of the deodorant’s effectiveness. It took quite sometime to perfect the formula but Sonia manage to pull through. Today she continues to formulate new products that solve daily problems!



say hi or reach out with your questions & suggestions on our growing brand, we are always looking for ways to provide you a better service

with love,




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