Deodorant for Kids in Malaysia

Deodorant for Kids 

  • Body Odour in Children

Body odour in children is quite common once they hit puberty, especially in Malaysia where our climate is always hot & humid! Aside from making the right choice in food selections, such s having more fruits and veggies and keeping them hydrated, is it also important to only use natural deodorant for kids, purely because you wouldn’t want to expose your kids to chemically filled antiperspirants that contain harmful chemicals like aluminum, parabens, triclosan & artificial fragrances that might cause potential skin allergies & links to different diseases.

  • Why Use Natural Deodorant for Kids

Because your children deserve better than those chemically filled antiperspirants that clog the pores! I can’t emphasise how important it is even for adults to use natural deodorants! Aside from that antiperspirants have been proven to worsen body odour by altering underarm bacteria, so go natural today! Chris Callewaert (2014, July). Arch Dermatol Res.

  • Kids Do Struggle with Having Body Odour 

I have been making natural deodorants for quite some time now, and I do understand the struggle of having body odour (B.O). However, I really didn’t know even as kids they would struggle as much too, because of B.O. I came to know about 2 kids (in primary school) who were struggling to be active in school because they were afraid of their BO. It came to a point where both mums mentioned their kids even limit their own activity / playing time with their friends because they feel ashamed of their B.O.

Children’s Deodorant

  • The Solution

They bought from me the natural deodorants and gave their kids a try, today their kids run about happily playing with their friends not worrying about their B.O! I thought to myself that I was just making natural deodorants as an alternative to aluminum-based deodorants, little did I know this changed the whole lifestyle of these kids. I am super glad to be doing what I’m doing & I deeply believe that no one should ever be ashamed of their BO.

Thou there’s always an effective natural way to remove B.O, but most importantly as parents, one should always affirm the kids & build their self-esteem too.


Natural Deodorant for Kids

Our deodorant is the #1 Activated Charcoal Deodorant in Malaysia & is made with skin loving ingredients such as coconut oil, corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, Diatomaceous Earth (food grade), shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil. It effectively eliminates odour causing bacteria to remove body odour, so your kids wouldn’t need to worry about the aftermath of running around and sweating.



What our customers say about our natural deodorant for kids 


Customer Satisfaction for our Natural Deodorant

Immediate Result After Using Our Natural Deodorant

Effectively Remove Body Odour for Kids

Meei Shing

After my daughter apply this cream, she can now play as much as can. No more worry abt armpit odour. It’s worth it and the best of all, it’s natural.

Joyce Ang

If you’re looking to go vegan/organic/natural with your deodorant, this is it. I stopped using any form of fragrances because I found out that I was sensitive to it (legit I would get headaches and dizziness after extended use and exposure). Can you imagine my happiness when I found this brand! Affordable, top quality, and smells so good! A little bit goes a looong way. 15/10 would recommend!

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