"How I Remove My Body Odour Naturally" Farah, 24 Kuala Lumpur


  I struggled with body odour since I was young and was bullied for it throughout my life. I tried natural deodorants before, but they would only last me a few hours and then I’d smell bad again. I also tried antiperspirants, but when the fragrance mixed with my body’s odour, I smelt even worse! 

 Thankfully, I tried this natural deodorant and it was a game changer for me!
I’m proud to say that today I no longer struggle with body odour, and even after a workout session I still smell freshI’m so amazed that the deodorant that actually worked best for me was made entirely of natural ingredients.


Award Winning Natural Deodorant

Loved by Professional Athletes, Coaches & Trainers


  • All – Natural Ingredients 
  • Removes Body Odor Effectively
  • For Men, Women, and Children
  • Long Lasting, No Reapplication Required!
  • Formulated specially for Athletic Individuals

Tried & Tested by Professional Athletes

Voted as Best Natural Deodorant. Prevents Body Odour Effectively & Keeps You Smelling Fresh!

best natural skincare malaysia

Formulated with all-natural ingredients, we’ve put together a product that not only keeps you smelling great, but also promotes healthy underarms.

14 Days Money back guarantee!

⭐Voted 4.9 / 5⭐

⭐Real People Real Results⭐

*Individual results may vary

Why they love us:

3 reasons this deodorant balm & deodorant powder is worth the purchase!
1. It’s all-natural, meaning no nasties, no chemicals – it’s healthy for your skin, baby!
2. It prevents nasty bacterias and doesn’t clog your pores! Meaning your armpits can BREATHE, unlike when you use antiperspirants!
3. It allows you to sweat! Sweating isn’t a bad thing, it’s a natural part of the body!
4. Smell Awesome & feel confident today without worrying about body odour!
Still not convinced? Well, we’ll let the balm do the talking! Get your hands on one today!

Gentle yet Effective

Using only chemical free & skin loving ingredients, our products are gentle on skin but never comprimise on the effectiveness.

All-Natural Ingredients

Only the best & premium ingredients are  selected to be  incorporated into our skin care products!

Safe For Skin

We specialized in making different deodorants for different skin type. Be it normal skin type or sensitive, we definitely have one that will suit you best!


Tried & tried by many, get your today!

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