Picture this: You’re standing in the store, staring at the rows upon rows of skin care products, trying to decide what you want to pick up and take home. It can be a little overwhelming, right? Being faced with so many choices for so many different things. There’s an endless number of brands, benefits, consistencies, ingredients and even colours too – but on the flipside, there can also be a many shortcomings to certain products, including harsh ingredients, a narrow range of benefits (meaning it only helps certain skin issues while ignoring others), a high price range, chemical ingredients or it just plain doesn’t work and you’re putting up with it! 

So what exactly should you be looking out for when it comes to picking a new product or wanting to try something new? I’ve come up with a few things to keep in mind while shopping for yourself and you can apply this when buying anything too, from cleansers to shampoo!

Check the Ingredients!

This is something that has been drilled into me since working with Hello Natural Co, without me even realizing it! I do a lot of research into healthy products and skin-friendly goodies, which means that over time I’ve become quite aware of what I shouldn’t be putting on my skin and hair. I’ve found that I’ve actually started to read the labels of the products I’ve got lining my shelves and noticed that a lot of my usual purchases contain some pretty harmful ingredients! 

Now, I’m not suggesting you be over-cautious of what you’re buying. Sometimes certain products are still really effective – or achieve the desired result – even with a couple of ingredients that could raise an eyebrow, but according to professionals, the first three ingredients on a label are what makes up the majority of the product you’re using. So when you read that pretty sticker on the front of a shampoo bottle boasting of natural goodness, check the back first and read what the actual content is. I was shocked to find that a shampoo I bought recently actually had the benefits of two ingredients featured on the front listed within the last three ingredients on the back label. I was honestly blown away and felt like I had been lied to! 

To sum it all up, by using this rule, you’ll find yourself picking the ‘healthier’ alternatives by default and you’ll choose brands that are more upfront and honest about what they put in their products.

Read Reviews and Testimonies!

Choosing a product based on the experience of someone else can be a risky thing to do, but most of the time I find that reviews and testimonies on certain products are usually what pushes me into buying or deciding to find an alternative. 

A lot of the time websites actually have rather detailed reviews under their products. If it’s not on the website itself, you can find people chatting about the particular product on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit or even on their own blogs! The best advice I can give to you when looking up reviews is that you look through a wide range of feedback. Even if the majority of the testimonies are positive, check out a couple of poor reviews too! Be aware of the negatives as well as the positives, so that you have a broader idea of who the product works best for. You never know, there could be someone in the comments who has the same specific concerns as you do!

Stick to Your Guns!

Don’t let hype, pressure or comments on your choices stop you from buying or not buying a product. Here’s three very common scenarios I’m sure you’ve found yourself caught up in at one point:

  • A popular brand or a celebrity releases a new product (hair, skin or complexion related) and everyone goes crazy with excitement! It can be very tempting to spend out and buy, because you want to say that you bought it! 
  • Your friends, coworkers, classmates or relatives tell you that you should be buying something specific because it’ll “work for you”. You’re grateful for the suggestions, but now every time you see them they ask if you bought it yet and you’re thinking you should just do it to get them off your back.
  • People make comments. It happens all the time and it makes it hard to stick with your choices. Your friends question you on your natural vs. chemical choices, your family feels you’re spending too much on skin care… Should you just try something different even though your regular choices work so well?

Unfortunately, everyone has opinions and sometimes it’s a little hard to stay away from them. The best advice I can give you is that you stick to what you want. It’s your body, your skin, your hair, and you know what works for you! If all-natural is what works best for you, stick to it! If you love a particular brand that happens to be a little pricier, good for you! Don’t let anyone tell you what you should be buying for yourself unless they’re a professional. You know you best! I can personally tell you that I have had a lot of criticism on my particular skin care routine, people often make comments on the brands I like and the money I’m willing to spend to get something that works for me – but in the end, my skin is clear and that’s what matters most to me!

In the end the one thing you need to remember above all else is that there’s no one size fits all in the world of skin, hair and body care. What works for you is pretty unique because you’re unique! So take your time when you buy something new or choose to try a different product, there’s no rush and you should never settle for something that doesn’t cater to all your needs! 

Good luck out there!

Written by Emily Fielder

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