In 2018 there was a sudden rise in the popularity of using facial rollers for skin care. We’re sure you’ve seen a Jade Roller or a Gua Sha stone once or twice, maybe in the hands of a favourite beauty influencer, or on the shelf at Sephora. They’re oftentimes seen being used to roll gels onto the skin or even rub over a sheet mask to help skin absorb the products better, but what they’re mainly made to do is simply massage the face!

Jade Rollers and Gua Sha stones are believed to have been used for years, even dating back to the early 17th century during the Qing Dynasty in China! Their claim to fame is their ability to increase blood circulation in the face, which in turn helps to detoxify, decrease puffiness and brighten the complexion, making skin appear tighter and more luminous, claims which are all in fact, very true!

Any form of facial massage actually helps our lymphatic system to work at full capacity, pushing excess fluid out and stopping it from getting stuck on it’s way through, which in turn majorly decreases swelling and gives skin a more contoured, tight appearance. Jade Rollers are also able to soothe and tighten pores when used cold – and all this luxury could be yours if you’re willing to shell out a healthy heap of cash for a decent roller… Or, alternatively, you could open up your cutlery drawer and find something that works just the same.

Ceramic soup spoons are not really thought to be the next big beauty product, but they actually have the ability, shape and texture to give a pretty stellar facial massage! Plus they can be stuck in the fridge for a few minutes to cool the surface for an extra skin-treat.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • A Ceramic Soup Spoon (just one will do, but we won’t stop you from using two!)
  • Your Favourite Facial Oil (may we suggest Hello Natural Co’s Watch Me Glow Facial Serum – which you can click below and get right now!)
  • About 10 Spare Minutes (you’ll need to repeat each stroke at least 10 times for each area, take your time and let the process relax you!)

1 – Apply Your Oil

Warm a few drops of your facial oil between your hands and gently pat onto your face and neck, make sure to leave the oil on the surface and not rub it in too much – you don’t want to remove the protective barrier between your skin and the spoon!

2 – Start at the Forehead

Using your spoon, start at the center of the forehead and “scoop” your skin toward your hairline. You always want to move the spoon in an upwards direction, using gentle pressure and smooth movements!

3 – Just Above the Eyebrows

Again, from the center of the forehead, glide the spoon along the tops of your eyebrows to the sides of your head right to your temples.

4 – Use the Tail End

Very gently, use the tail end of the spoon to softly massage the skin under your eyes. Start from the inner corner and glide the spoon to the outer part, lifting toward the temples. You can also do this on the skin above your eyelids too, just be careful and use a light hand!

5 – To the Cheeks

Next it’s time to scoop your cheeks! Start from the skin right beside your nose and move the spoon back up your cheekbones. You can use the large part of the spoon for this, but if you’d like to cover more surface area you can turn the spoon onto its side and use that!

The tail end of the spoon is perfect for massaging the area around your mouth and nose too.

6 – The Chin and Jaw

Using the side of the spoon, press the ceramic surface to the center of your chin and then gently scoop it up along your jaw right up to your ears. Be sure to scoop the skin behind the ears too, since there’s lymph nodes located there it’ll help the massage be more effective.

7 – One Last Step

To complete the massage, you can press the spoon under the chin and glide it along your neck right to the center of your chest, just under the collarbones. This will help the detoxing process along further!

Now that you’re finished, you may notice a little redness but don’t worry, if you didn’t press too hard, the redness will disappear quickly, your skin should look slimmer, more vibrant and healthier right after you’re done!

You can do this massage as often and as many times as you want, but always be sure to put an oil onto your skin first before rolling anything over it. You can get Hello Natural Co’s Watch Me Glow Serum below, which is a fantastic all-natural oil that promotes healthy, glowing skin, so just imagine the results you’ll have when using it with a ceramic spoon! 

So there you have it, a great facial massage on a budget! Enjoy beautiful, glowing skin!

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