When asked about a miracle cure for skin, many people think of Australian Pink Clay. Coming in many forms, this clay is a supposed solution for any and all skin types, boasting healing properties for acne, the ability to melt blackheads and clogged pores away and even able to keep the complexion moisturized after using

Well… What makes a product with Pink Clay in it so sought after? We at Hello Natural Co have our own special Australian Pink Clay Mask and it’s chock-full of powerhouse ingredients to boost all the best qualities in skin and promote healing, but we want to be sure that you are super well informed about what you’re buying and what’s in it, so we’re taking a deep dive into the goodies packed into our Australian Pink Clay Mask!

Pink Clay is the word on every skin care enthusiast’s lips. It’s the ingredient added to everything nowadays and there’s literally dozens of products floating around that claim the miracle of Australian Pink Clay. But what exactly is Pink Clay and why is it such a sought after product? 

Harvested in Australia, this version of Kaolin Clay is red due to a higher concentration of iron oxide in the ground! This clay blend contains the minerals silica, magnesium, selenium and zinc. It’s this blend that makes the clay so potent and powerful when used on skin. Silica is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to lock moisture into the skin which is why it is so great for sensitive and dry complexions. Magnesium assists the skin in retaining its fatty acids, keeping skin plumped and young. Selenium is an antioxidant that stops any free-radicals (unstable molecules that cause damage to the skin) from harming our skin’s protective barrier. And zinc aids in healing the skin, treating any impurities and keeping the signs of aging at bay.

With all of these minerals working together we end up with a clay suitable for any skin type and any skin concerns. Pink Clay (unlike other clays) doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils, meaning it keeps skin from feeling overly tight and dry after using, giving skin a natural boost of nourishment without doing any extra damage. Like most clay masks, Pink Clay also helps to keep pores clean and reduce the appearance of blackheads, ance and other skin congestions, but uniquely builds skin’s resistance and health to keep your complexion clear between uses!

Kaolin Clay has been around for years now, discovered in China – so you may have heard it referred to as China Clay – and is soft, smooth and has a neutral pH value and rich in silica dioxide which means it’s great for sensitive skin and a wide range of skin conditions. 

Kaolin Clay is perfect when it comes to soothing irritations. Being so gentle and mild, it doesn’t further damage skin when used and instead calms itchiness, soreness and redness from the complexion. The clay also, like Pink Clay, absorbs excess oils and sebum from skin without stripping the natural oils away too, leaving skin moisturised instead of dry and tight. It effectively cleanses pores, removing dirt, pollutants and bacterias from the face to reduce breakouts and clear away dead skin without doing any damage in the process. Lastly, Kaolin Clay tones your complexion. The clay stimulates skin cells and when used regularly will brighten and tone the skin. The results are not immediate, but like many other products you will see a clear difference after constant use!

Barley is an incredible grain super-food that boasts a whole bunch of health benefits both inside and outside the body. It’s pumped full of vitamin E, iron, zinc, phosphorus and selenium, most of which we’ve already seen the benefits of as they’re in Pink Clay too!

With its huge amount of selenium, Barley helps the skin retain elasticity and tone skin as well as fight those pesky free-radicals that try to damage our skin. The grain is also anti-inflammatory, brightening skin tone and fighting skin infections. It keeps excess oils under control and with the use of azelaic acid, battles acne and the clogged pores that cause it. 

Barley is incredibly hydrating and beneficial for the complexion as a whole. Being a super-food, it’s just as great to use on the exterior as well as the interior, so if you want an even bigger, longer-lasting effect, go ahead and up your Barley intake with your meals!

Taken from the flower, Rose Geranium Oil is again an ingredient that has a wide range of benefits for skin, including healing and even reversing the effects of age in the complexion.

First of all, Rose Geranium Oil is anti-inflammatory, being used to calm and soothe skin and is effective in treating skin infections. It keeps pores unclogged and clear of any excess oils and sebum, absorbing greasiness but keeping skin from drying out and getting dehydrated. If your skin is super dry, itchy or even scaly (in terms of eczema or extreme dryness), Rose Geranium Oil again, soothes and reduces irritations as it cleanses and heals skin. The oil balances skin’s natural oils, fading wrinkles and leaving skin feeling clear and free of irritation, leaving skin youthful and healthy!


An oil that has been around for centuries, Frankincense Oil is an ancient oil with a ridiculous amount of benefits from fading scars to fighting the signs of ageing. Years ago this oil was said to be one of the most valuable commodities, even being referred to as ‘liquid gold’ by traders.

Frankincense Oil is anti-inflammatory, which again means it is great in soothing irritated skin and treating conditions like acne and other ailments. This oil actually strengthens skin, improving tone, skin elasticity and even helps it to build up a stronger barrier against bacterias and blemishes. It aids in balancing your skin’s oil production, keeping your complexion fresher for longer and even tightens pores to give you smooth and even texture too!

So there you have it, all the skin-loving ingredients in our Australian Pink Clay Mask! Filled with so much goodness and food for your skin, you’ll see a visible difference with just one use because of the vitamins and minerals packed inside. Your complexion will brighten, your pores tighten and your skin will practically glow! 

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