Commercial deodorants are bad news for the health of your underarms, but why exactly is this? The nasties that we refer to when talking about antiperspirants are the type that clog pores, damage skin and stop the body from the natural process of sweating – but some of them are actually even more harmful than what you may think!

We here at Hello Natural Co are passionate about your confidence, healthiness and how good you smell on a day to day basis – which means we’re also super passionate about creating products that avoid the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals – thus the All-Natural Deodorant Balm was born!

But on top of that, we also want you to be informed about the products you’re investing in and what exactly you’re putting on your skin, so we’re going to share with you the bad versus the good in commercial deodorants and our All-Natural Balm.

Aluminum is a neurotoxin that is used in antiperspirants to temporarily plug sweat ducts and prevent the body from perspiring. While helpful when we don’t want to sweat, it stops the body from doing something natural and necessary. There’s also the added danger that the aluminum can be absorbed into skin tissues (particularly the breast tissues as that’s closest to where the product is applied) and cause problems that could lead to an added risk of breast cancer.

Meanwhile our All-Natural Deodorant Balm uses Activated Charcoal. This little baby is highly porous and will work to quickly absorb both toxins and odour-causing bacterias, keeping your skin fresh and free of nasty smells but still allowing sweat to form and pores to breathe. It soaks up the excess moisture too!

Phthalates are plasticizers that have been linked to breast cancer, reproductive development problems and even fertility issues in men. The compounds are used to help fragrances to stick to your skin but in the process can disrupt the way your body produces the hormone testosterone. This hormone isn’t specifically found in males either, ladies develop it too as it aids in energy and muscle maintenance… Phthalates are usually present in anything that makes smells stick, so deodorants are included here!

Alternatively our balm utilizes Coconut Oil which not only smells great all on its own (not that our deodorant has a strong scent in the first place), but is an antioxidant which detoxifies pores and deeply nourishes skin to keep it moisturised throughout the day. Coconut Oil, like Activated Charcoal, also helps to effectively eliminate odour-causing bacterias in the underarm which keeps unwanted smells from sneaking their way out when you’re sweating.

Another P-word you should be avoiding is Parabens. Probably something you’ve heard of before, Parabens are chemicals used to help preserve deodorants and many other personal care products, but they are also guilty of disrupting the way the body produces and regulates estrogen and other hormones. While there is no ‘conclusive evidence’, there is lab evidence that backs up the concerns of Parabens linking to the growth of cancer cells, especially when it concerns breast cancer, which is honestly concerning enough.

Beeswax however, has a very long shelf-life and is all-natural too! We include Beeswax in our Natural Deodorant to fight against damaged skin. It’s a nourishing ingredient that helps the skin retain its softness, containing vitamin A which battles wrinkles and age spots and aids overall cell reconstruction. Beeswax is a known anti-inflammatory property that encourages the healing of wounds, so if you find yourself with razor burn it’s perfect to soothe the damaged skin.

The last nasty to touch on is Triclosan. This chemical is added to prevent bacterial contamination, kill bacteria on the surface of the skin and it’s found in a LOT of products. In fact it is so common that 75% of Americans have detectable levels in their urine! It’s classed as a pesticide and is an endocrine (referring to glands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream) disruptor, interfering with the thyroid, testosterone and estrogen regulation and it has been linked to cancer too.

On the other hand there’s Organic Shea Butter. This beauty has high concentrations or fatty acids and vitamins which make it perfect for softening skin! It’s also anti-inflammatory and has healing properties too, helping to treat skin irritations, acne and even going as far to relieve itchiness. It’s wonderfully soothing and helps the balm go on easy, keeping your underarms soft and skin smooth.

So now you’re a little more informed, you can work toward having the healthiest, happiest pits around! We know smells and sweat are a part of life, but don’t let chemicals and nasty ingredients enhance the things you’d rather hide – but rather allow an All-Natural, super easy to use Balm let your body breathe, keep you fresh and boost your confidence to new levels!


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