Bored at home? Running out of things to do? Got no ideas on something to start on? Never fear, Hello Natural Co is here to cure your boredom blues and give some (hopefully helpful) suggestions on things you can do while you’re stuck in your house!

1 – Watch Something Nostalgic!

Remember all those days when you practically begged your mum to let you stay home from school? Even when you weren’t really sick, those days that you got to skip out on classes were so much fun and somehow it felt so magical to be at home when you knew all your classmates were stuck in a classroom! 

Why not recreate the feeling of being a kid and watch one of your favourite old movies, a classic show you got up early in the morning for, or even a popular childhood film you may have just forgotten about? There’s so many movies out there that we used to watch as kids that we haven’t touched or thought about in years, so what better time to sit down and search up some of those old school faves and take a trip down memory lane!

2 – Re-Read Your Favourite Book! (or find a new one to enjoy!)

Books are one of the many forms of entertainment that has seemed to go out of fashion these past few years. In the age of smartphones and IPads, we tend to forget those beautiful paperback books gathering dust on our shelves… Books we can remember being so excited to read, ready for each word to transport us to a different world filled with fantastic creatures, daring heroes and undiscovered lands. 

So why not take advantage of all the time on your hands and brush off one of your favourite pieces of literature and take the time to read something you love? Better yet – there’s so many new books out there with more being written every day! There’s bound to be something that will catch your eye, and the best part is, even when you can’t go outside you can still download them and read them on your phone, computer or tablets!

3 – Reorganize Your Workspace! (or any other part of your home!)

Did you know that cleaning up your room, redesigning your personal space or just simply shifting the position of a cupboard or desk, actually lifts your mood? 

Yes! In fact it boosts your productivity and makes you feel happy and accomplished after you’ve done it. You know that feeling of satisfaction when you’ve put that last shirt away in your wardrobe, put the bin under your desk out or even just swept the floor? That’s what we mean! It feels better, looks better, and you should always try something new!

4 – Find an Easy Dessert or Dinner Recipe to Try!

Pinterest, Instagram and the internet in general is abundant with amazing – and easy – food ideas! You’re sure to find something new to whip up in the kitchen with the ingredients you have in your cupboards at home, and cooking is a great way to pass long hours quickly and on top of that, there’s a reward at the end for all your hard work!

If you’re at home with your family it’s the perfect group activity, but it can also be super mood-boosting to present your loved ones with something you made all by yourself too. Don’t limit your abilities to what you think you can do either, remember, anyone can cook!

5 – Do Something Creative! (unleash your inner artist!)

Creativity isn’t just something reserved for the artists of the world. Everyone has a certain way of expressing themselves, whether it be through drawing, writing, painting, playing music, singing, dancing – it’s all unique and it’s all beautiful!

So just take a moment, you can sit in the privacy of your own room, and create! Let your inner artist out and try something you’ve never tried before. Not only is it super relaxing and a great way to pass the time, but whatever you end up doing could become a great new hobby for you to continue developing in the future!

6 – Spend Some Quiet Time Alone and Journal Your Thoughts!

It’s so easy to get caught up in work, school, studies, life in general is tough and we understand! We know how easy it is to push aside our own thoughts and emotions in favour of just sucking it up and getting a job done, but we need an outlet! We need to be able to express ourselves and sometimes the best way to truly dig deep is to write out whatever it is that comes to your mind. The best part is, you can write anything you want knowing no one is ever going to read it. This is your personal time to connect with your inner self. Let out your frustrations, write about your happy moments, things you’re grateful for or things you want to change, the possibilities are endless!

Don’t overthink it either, your writing doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t even have to make sense to you! Just putting a pen to paper can sometimes be the best outlet we can get.

7 – Do Something You’ve been Putting Off!

One of the best parts about being stuck in your own home is the fact that you can no longer avoid the things that you’ve been procrastinating! 

We know, we shove things aside too. Be it stuff we genuinely don’t want to go anywhere near, or perhaps it’s just something you keep telling yourself you’ll get done when you have a spare fifteen minutes. We can almost guarantee you’ve got some spare time now! There’s no point in avoiding it anymore and honestly? You’ll feel so much better when you get it out of your way. Don’t just say ‘out of sight, out of mind’, put your sights on it and check it off your list of things to do! There will be much less of a weight on your shoulders when you’ve done it!

So there you have it. Seven super simple, fun and productive ways to spend your time at home! Maybe you have some other ideas you can share with us and the other members of the HNC family? 

If you happen to do any of these activities, please tag us in an IG story or post and let us know! We’d love to be a part of cheering you on and we all need a little pick-me-up from time to time!

Keep positive and stay safe!

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