So you’ve heard the whispers, huh? You’ve heard the name ‘Hello Natural Co’ being thrown around, maybe you’ve seen a signature pink label or caught a glimpse of a product on a friend’s shelf, perhaps you’ve stumbled upon our website or Instagram page…

Now you find yourself scrolling through the products we have and you’re thinking “where on Earth do I start?”, we get it! Sometimes we get stuck choosing something new or trying to decide which goodie we’d like to try first, and that’s why we’ve put together a little guide for you to help you put one foot forward in our little world of all-natural gems!

Without further ado, here’s our personal picks for the…

Top 5 Products for Hello Natural Co Beginners!

  • Happy Pits/Sensitive Skin Deodorant Balm

Our best-selling product, loved by so many and highly recommended! The Happy Pits and Sensitive Skin Deodorant Balm is an all-natural alternative to store-bought antiperspirants, made with skin-loving ingredients and none of the nasties typically found in your regular deodorants.

We know, using a natural deodorant can be quite a big step into the natural skin care world, but it’s one that makes a surprisingly large difference in our body and how it functions! See, in a typical antiperspirant the chemicals inside clog up your pores in your underarms and while yes, that stops you from sweating and smelling, it’s actually damaging to the skin. 

Our bodies need to sweat, that’s a fact of life and our deodorant balm doesn’t stop the bodies natural process of sweating! In fact, our balm is made with active ingredients that work alongside healthy bacterias while getting rid of the nasty ones, keeping you smelling fresh and feeling good, but also allowing your body to sweat properly without clogging up the pores!

“This product is a must have for anyone experiencing body odour problems! I’ve been searching for something that works for years… most make the armpit feel hard and it still smells after a few hours, but not with this! I love the refreshing smell, and you don’t even have to use a lot!” – Halimah (verified user)

  • That Gorgeous Face | Dewy & Hydrating Face Mist

Who doesn’t love a good face mist? It’s such a nice sensation on a hot day (especially here in Malaysia) to spritz your dry skin with a few pumps of this little baby!

Made to be used in a variety of different ways, this face mist is specially crafted to hydrate, keep you feeling fresh and give your skin a beautiful glow. It doesn’t feel greasy and absorbs quickly into skin, plus it smells amazing as it’s made with specially imported Damascus Rose Water – it’s basically food for your skin!

We recommend this skin care goodie solely for its flexibility in fitting into your routine and how it can be used by anyone, anywhere. Whether you wear makeup, go barefaced, wherever you go – it fits easily into you bag and two pumps will give you an even spray!

“I’ve been using this face mist for a few weeks now and it’s so refreshing! I love how it smells and it really helps to soothe my sensitive skin whenever I have irritations on my face and neck. I can even use it as a makeup setting spray!” – Janice (verified user)

  • Good Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Let’s get real. We don’t typically tend to wash out hair every day of the week, whether it be by choice (as in, it’s not the healthiest choice to wash our hair everyday), time restraints or good old fashioned laziness, oiliness can be a big issue and honestly make us pretty self conscious. 

We came up with a brilliant concoction of active ingredients and lovely scents to suck up all access oils and moisture in your hair and give you lift, volume and life! It’s ridiculously easy to use and is super compact, so you don’t have to lug around a giant can with you, making it easy or touch-ups throughout your day.

Dry shampoo is one of the products we don’t often think about, but when we’re in a pinch, we want one that is actually effective and makes our hair look, feel and smell good, which is what Good Hair Day is made for!

“This is my first time using a dry shampoo and I’m super impressed with how well it works! Living in Cambodia, my hair gets oily after being out in the heat. Though after applying this dry shampoo my hair was visibly not oily and looked clean! Thumbs up!” – Cheryl (verified user)

  • Golden Elixir Face Cleanser

Something that is essential to any skin care routine (big, small or in-between) is a good cleanser. Unfortunately they can be pretty tough to find and we oftentimes compromise specific skin issues and settle for a cleanser that doesn’t exactly cater to our skin’s needs, meaning we allow for tightness after washing, get too dry or don’t even fully cleanse our skin and suffer with residue from the day being left behind.

We know that feeling all too well, so we put our heads together to create a cleanser that is both gentle yet effective in actually cleaning the skin but leaving you feeling fresh-faced and your skin soft.

The Golden Elixir is made with incredible ingredients that help to actually restore, protect and deep-clean skin, leaving you glowing and healthy!

This natural face cleanser washes off oil and even my make-up so easily, it’s actually surprising that a natural cleanser can work so well! Plus my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry after washing. Good product, will buy again!” – Haslinda (verified user) 

  • Immunity Boost Essential Oil Blend

Ever had that feeling of sickness coming on? When your throat gets sore, your head starts to feel heavy and your body begins to ache?

The Immunity Boost Oil is coming to the rescue! See, this blend is made with a specific set of essential oils that work together to boost your immune system and help to relieve the symptoms of sickness in the early stages.

It’s easy to apply and lasts for hours, plus the smell is super pleasing which makes it a joy to use rather than giving off an unpleasant stink. This blend is made with US Therapeutic Grade oils, meaning they are actually effective and made to support health and wellness in our bodies. 

“Honestly a must-have for travelling. It comes in handy whenever I feel like I’m going to get sick, I’ll just apply it several times a day and I would be able to recover without taking medicines.” – Chew Mun (verified user)

So there you have it! A comprehensive guide for the best products from Hello Natural Co to use if you’re new to the brand!

Of course, this isn’t a rulebook and you’re free to choose whichever goodies you want to use, but recently we’ve had a lot of questions as to which products are best to start with and these are our personal recommendations on where to start at Hello Natural Co!

If you’d like to know more about a specific product or have any questions at all, drop by and shoot us an email or a DM on our Instagram page and we’ll be happy to get back to you!

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