Good moisturisers are hard to find, it’s just the sad reality we live in.

Typically we tend to settle for moisturisers that don’t completely cover or cater to every need our skin has, or we go for something filled with something nasty that causes more dryness than it soothes, sometimes we can’t even fully hydrate our face due to all our sensitive areas!

Oftentimes we can even over-moisturise our face (yes, that’s a thing!), where we cake so much goop on our skin for fear of dryness, that we end up telling our body that we have enough hydration, so the skin doesn’t produce those necessary oils and other proteins that keep the face soft and smooth!


Bet you didn’t know that, huh? We’re often encouraged to follow these 10-step routines or buy super-thick creams that clog our pores, both of which are kinda ineffective in their own ways and that’s just not a good use of our time, nor is it kind to our pretty faces!

Giving up beautiful, glowing skin for the sake of buying an overhyped brand or something your friends may have suggested (that you buy out of peer pressure – we’ve all been there!), is often an overlooked sacrifice we make on a day-to-day basis. 

But let us be the first to say that your skin is too important to not treat right!


Luckily, we’ve put together a rather fantastic little moisturiser ourselves. It’s the type that falls between a cream and a gel, meaning it’s the perfect texture that literally feels like it’s working the moment you rub it into your skin! It’s genuinely hydrating and softens all the flaky skin around your sensitive and dry bits, while also leaving absolutely none of that gross greasy feeling behind.

That’s why we’ve put so much time and effort into making Wish You Clear Skin, the most wonderful moisturiser we can, tried and tested on three different types of skin and proven to work wonders even when using even the tiniest amount! 


So what exactly are we putting into this magic potion to give it such incredible skin-changing qualities?

Well, we’re glad you asked!


Let’s start with Rose Water. The type that we use specifically is called Bulgarian Rose Water and honestly, you’ve never put anything on your skin that does more wonders than Bulgarian Rose Water!

Using all the goodness a rose has to offer, we’re talking rose petals, rose water (from distilled rose petals), rosehips, seeds, rose oil (also derived from petals) and rose powder (made from grinding petals), this beautiful ingredient is bursting with healing properties!

Not only does it smell incredible, but it is anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, moisturising and reduces redness, irritations, treating acne, eczema and dermatitis! On top of all that, it’s super calming and is perfect to use both day and night. 


Aloe Vera is an ingredient that needs no introduction. It’s probably one of the most well-known herbal remedies for all kinds of ailments, being used to treat everything from sunburn to small cuts, which means it works wonders for your face too!

Most commonly, it’s used as a treatment for dry skin. The gel-like texture is so cooling and soothing and feels absolutely fantastic, especially when you stick it in the fridge for a while!

It helps with itchiness and irritations, calming redness and helping skin to heal in a healthy way.


We know you’re probably not always getting enough nutrients in your body. We’ve been there, there’s no shame. Feeding your insides is obviously the best worst kept secret to achieving a near-flawless complexion, but sometimes we get busy, we get lazy or we don’t really fully understand which foods are going to help us out the most. 

Fortunately, while we try to treat our body right from the inside, we’ve added a beautiful ingredient to keep your face nourished and feeling healthy!

Vitamin E is a thick, luscious oil that keeps skin moisturised and plump, giving a visible healthy glow and keeping dry patches away


Speaking of oils, Wish You Clear Skin is also blended with a couple of Essential Oils! 

Both Frankincense and Rose Geranium oil aid in anti-aging, meaning fine lines and wrinkles will melt away and leave skin feeling tight and glowing.

Essential Oils give the moisturiser a pleasing, calming scent while boosting the anti-inflammatory properties the cream already has. 


And now, the final revolutionary ingredient. We’ve actually just updated our already beloved formula, if you aren’t already aware. Originally we had beautiful Sweet Almond Oil standing alone, but now we’ve blended together the perfect couple ingredient; Calendula Oil

So Sweet Almond Oil already does a lot of insanely amazing things to your skin, like boosting collagen, adding much needed Vitamin A and E, even literally protecting skin by adding good proteins! But adding Calendula has bought this baby up a whole ‘nother level.


You see, Calendula doesn’t only help to promote healthy, soothed and hydrated skin, but it helps to maintain it. It again, helps to produce collagen, an essential protein in both protecting the skin’s outer layer and giving you that beautiful complexion of your dreams. 

Calendula aids in anti-aging, the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in Calendula have been found to significantly protect against oxidative stress in skin cells (oxidative stress is an imbalance of damaging atoms and antioxidants), keeping skin hydrated and healthy!

On top of all these goodies, it’s the perfect ingredient to treat acne, eczema and scarring, as it’s ridiculously nourishing and softens the skin, boosting immune response and, like mentioned before, maintains strong and supple skin.


So what do you think? Wish You Clear Skin, will it really clear your skin?

It’s so chock-a-block full of all-natural herbs and oils, tackling a wide range of typical skin issues we face on a day-to-day basis, all while being gentle and easy to use and safe for sensitive skin too!


Don’t settle for some gimmick-y moisturiser anymore. Instead, treat your skin to something that will actually help it become stronger and healthier.

You’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll see!


Us here at Hello Natural Co wish you, from the bottom of our hearts, clear skin.

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