Shampoo Bars – Absolutely Everything You Need to Know!

Although shampoo bars seem to be a recent trend in our current day and age, bars of soap and shampoo alike were actually a popular choice back in the early 1900s! Bottled shampoo, conditioner and soap all rose to popularity only after the 1940s and have since been regularly stocked on supermarket shelves, whereas shampoo bars are more of a novelty or exclusive choice.

You’ve probably heard or seen other brands around that offer the purchase of no-waste products, some not only specializing in shampoo bars, but also in solid (bottle-sized) soaps and even conditioners. There’s only one problem; they aren’t always so kind to your wallet as they are to the environment. Not only that, but sometimes these brands – while advertising a natural alternative – actually still contain chemicals or may actually do more harm to hair than good!

For these reasons, we here at Hello Natural Co thought we should dip out hand in the pot and create a shampoo bar of our own, one which treats your hair with love and keeps your wallet stashed with extra cash.

So what exactly is a shampoo bar?

Apart from being zero-waste, our all-natural shampoo bar is filled with goodies to help hair be its healthiest. There’s a controlled amount of water as an ingredient in our bars, which in turn means that all the other treats – meaning the herbs and oils – that your hair is screaming for, are far more concentrated and therefore far more effective!

Our shampoo bar is easy to use and even easier to take on the go when you’re headed out for a holiday, business trip or even a quick visit to the gym! But we’ll touch more on that later.

I hear you – what exactly is in this shampoo bar then?

Here’s the details you need to know. Our bars contain four powerful active ingredients that each pack a punch on your locks, helping you to make the most of your good-hair-days – which, mind you, will be everyday if you start rubbing this little baby all over your head!

Chamomile is a popular choice of tea. It’s known to calm and soothe, tasting just as good as it does work on your insides, proving to help improve your immune system all the way to lowering the risk of heart disease. But it also does wonders for your hair!

As an anti-inflammatory ingredient, it alleviates an itchy, dry scalp and in turn halts dandruff in its tracks. Chamomile also helps to give you shinier and overall healthier hair, so instead of pouring a hot cup of tea all over your head, we’d suggest using the shampoo bar as a safer option.

Shikakai – what a name for a plant! Typically known as the hair fruit, it’s absolutely filled to the brim with nourishing properties, including vitamins A, C, K and D, while also being rich with antioxidants and anti-fungals. This makes it perfect for deep cleansing hair while being sure not to dry out the scalp and cause any kind of irritation, keeping hair shiny, full and banishes unwanted greys, hair loss and even lice! 

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A water-soluble form of vitamin B3, niacinamide boasts of growing hair long and strong due to the incredible boost it gives in circulation. It basically enhances the appearance of hair, producing volume and sheen, but also improving the texture to give you soft and supple strands that feel like heaven to touch!

This powerhouse vitamin is able to even help reverse the damage done by hair treatments like bleaching and colouring by chemicals, or even just the physical damage done by overbrushing, drying or styling hair. Basically, say hello to the softest hair and scalp you’ve ever had!


And last but not least, a classic favourite, aloe vera. Yes, one of our favourite ingredients for skin also does wonders for your hair and scalp alike, fighting dryness while keeping hair soft and moisture locked in place.

Aloe vera actually strips excess sebum from hair, getting rid of oils while doing no damage to the hair, cleaning residue from other products used from the hair follicles themselves rather than just the ends of your hair. Not only that, but it also promotes the growth of stronger, more resilient hair that doesn’t fall out easily and shines with health, since the plant itself contains so many vitamins and actually increases blood circulation in the scalp to make hair grow just that little bit faster!


Now that you’ve read what this bar actually does to your hair, I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s really worth it in the end? Is a shampoo bar actually a good investment?

We’ll let you in on a few other reasons why adding our shampoo bar to your shower might be the best decision you’ve ever made.


Chemical shampoos are abundant and do much more damage to your hair than good. Toxic ingredients are everywhere hair tends to suffer. Our products don’t only offer all-natural (meaning 100% plant-based, cruelty-free products) benefits, they also contain no artificial scents, colours or SLS properties. Meaning hair is safe and healthy and so is your scalp. 

Our bars are gentle on hair, giving you strong hair with balanced oil levels, stripping away only the excess and leaving behind soft and supple hair with the perfect amount of moisture in your strands.


They’re cost effective and long-lasting. One shampoo bar can last a long time, far longer than any bottled product would. And because of its softness and the way your hair feels after using, there’s often no need to purchase conditioners. Being small and compact means they’re also super convenient, meaning you can take it absolutely everywhere you go without worry of bulky packaging or leakages. Take it with you on a holiday to spare space in your toiletries bag, or on that overnight trip for work instead of stressing about fitting a bottle into your carry on. Even pop it in your bag to take to the gym later, since it fits easily in a locker and can be used much faster than a bottled product.


Last but not least, they’re good for the environment. We all know that plastics are a big contributor to waste all over the world, clogging up the beautiful nature we have and ruining our gorgeous oceans. A shampoo bar, while it might not seem like much, supports and is a small step toward a healthier world. They are completely biodegradable and have no harmful chemical wastes unsafe for drains, a big, big plus for our environment!

Lastly, you might be curious as to how you use the bar.

It’s simple really. There’s two methods to use it and you can experiment with both to see which works better for you!


The first is the “Rub it on Your Head” method.

As easy as it sounds, take your shampoo bar and rub it directly onto a wet head until you’re satisfied, then simply massage into your scalp and rinse thoroughly with water.


The second is the “Create a Lather” method.

Taking your shampoo bar, rub it between your hands to create the desired lather and then massage into scalp and roots before rinsing with water.


So simple yet so efficient!


Whew! So much to learn!

We here at Hello Natural Co want to see you have the healthiest head possible, because we know a good hair day boosts your mood and helps you to feel like the most confident version of yourself!

Dump your plastic bottles, reduce your carbon footprint and say hello to happy, healthy and strong hair today!


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