Sometimes the best additions to your skincare regime are the ones that sound the scariest!

The words “face serum” or “facial oil” tend to strike fear into the hearts of many – especially those that already class their skin as oily – because who really wants to add more oil to their face?

Isn’t the purpose of a good skincare routine to prevent extra oils in the skin?



Well, yes, it is! And we here at Hello Natural Co have just added a brand new facial serum to our skincare collection, Watch Me Glow!

Adding this little gem to your regime can be a huge transformative benefit for your skin!

face serum malaysia

But, like any other product, there’s so many common misconceptions about using it, and we’re here to debunk them for you so you can endeavour on your journey to flawless skin a little more fearlessly! 

1 – Facial Oils will make me more oily!
Let’s tackle the most popular myth first.
Did you know that your skin’s protective layer is partly made up of oil? This layer is necessary to protect it from becoming too sensitive, becoming infected and also aging too quickly.
Therefore, using a facial oil can be super beneficial to building strength in that layer!

2 – Facial Oil will clog my pores!
Again, like the protective layer on our face, our skin produces oil to help constantly clean out our pores and keep our skin healthy. Usually clogged pores are a result of dirt or makeup getting stuck in your skin, which stop the flow of your natural oils!
Adding a facial oil can help to keep skin extra healthy and promote the growth of new tissues in your face, healing wounds faster.
Plus, our Watch Me Glow Serum is totally non-comedogenic, which means it absolutely does not clog pores!

3 – Facial Oil will cause my acne to get worse!
Absolutely not! In fact, proper facial oil actually helps to fight against the bacteria that forms acne! Oils help to keep your skin plump and hydrated, while nourishing and protecting your skin from breakouts – all while toning and creating balance in your skin to get you glowing!

 So there, some of the most believed myths about facial oils have been debunked!


natural skin care malaysia 9




Before & After picture comparison after using Hello Natural Co Skin Care series, including Watch Me Glow Serum.






Now we’re sure you’d like to know what are some of the other benefits ( that we haven’t mentioned yet, because there’s so much more!) to using a facial oil?

1. It keeps you ridiculously hydrated! Like, dry skin has no choice but to walk out the door when you put on a facial oil.
Whether you’re out in the scorching hot sun or indoors sitting under a freezing cold air-conditioner, your skin will not feel dry or cracked at all!

2. They protect your skin! Like we mentioned before, facial oils build the protective layer of skin, which helps to lock in the hydration and also keep those nasty toxins out and away from your face!
Pollution and haze doesn’t stand a chance against this powerhouse product!

3. They keep you looking young! Facial oils are often packed with antioxidants that work their hardest to keep your face fresh and plump.

4. They can help your pores appear smaller! All the goodies in facial oils actually help to suck out the nasties from your pores, keeping them clean and making you look flawless!

5. They calm redness! The anti-inflammatory properties in facial oils work to soothe and soften skin, banishing irritation and helping you look and feel your very best!

Watch Me Glow uses a beautiful blend of oils such as Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Rosehip, Rose Geranium and Frankincense!
You can see all the benefits for each particular ingredient below!

face serum malaysia

And using a facial oil is super simple too! Just drip on as much as you desire directly onto face or fingertips, then rub and tap until it’s fully absorbed!
Easy as that!

So you see, by adding Watch Me Glow to your skincare routine, you could see a powerful and super effective shift in your skin quality!
Not only should you give it a try for your skin’s health, but also to boost your own confidence so you can love the skin you’re in!

Read her review on our skincare series here!

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