This post was written by Emily Fielder, a skin care enthusiast who decided to put Hello Natural Co’s skin care to the test. She calls this “The All-Natural Experiment”

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We’ve all heard the hype. Natural skincare seems to be all the rage these days, with multiple brands coming out with natural products by the bucket load and Pinterest is abundant with DIY face masks and scrubs (since it’s easy on your wallet and most ingredients can be found in your kitchen cupboards).

But what about these brands that boast their nature-based products? Are they worth spending your money on? Are they truly organic? Do they even really work? Well, I went on a seven day journey to test Hello Natural Co’s full range of skincare products to see if this stuff is truly worth investing in.

My skin is typically pretty manageable. I don’t have acne problems, but I do get rather oily on my forehead and the apples of my cheeks after a long day, especially after wearing makeup! My pores are large and I have reddened skin on the sides of my nose, plus a little dryness under my lips on either side of my chin, not terribly bad but not pleasant either.

What I really would love is a skincare routine that makes my skin feel soft and clean without that feeling of tightness I typically get while using my regular cleansers, but also something that moisturizes without feeling too heavy!


(Before using Hello Natural Co’s Products)

Here’s my normal everyday skin at its worst for reference

So Hello Natural Co is a Malaysian made brand that’s mostly known for their award-winning natural deodorant balm, but they also carry a variety of skin, hair and body care products too and have just released both a cleanser and a face cream to go with their other existing products!


My routine will be changing to include these five products below;

The reason that I’ve chose to go forward with this experiment using Hello Natural’s products is because they are a tried and tested brand boasting of completely natural and organic products that can almost be considered ‘food for your skin’. They use only the best blends and all their products are made cruelty-free and with love, plus they’re local to me, which makes them easy and convenient to purchase.


The Experiment Begins!


The first product I’m switching out is my regular store bought cleanser for the Golden Elixir Face Cleanser. This product has a soft scent and foams up when rubbed between the fingers, which is honestly surprising considering this is a product made up entirely of natural ingredients. The plant-based soap and essential oil blend gives a very gentle but shockingly deep clean, leaving no residue behind from makeup or the greasiness of the day passed, but the best part of it is the feeling of my skin after washing the cleanser off.

I think we all can relate to that icky dry and tight feeling after using a regular cleanser, right? I was honestly expecting the same thing to happen – since that’s just genuinely what I’m used to – but instead, I was left with pleasantly clean feeling skin with no gross tightness!

natural face moisturizer malaysia

I typically use quite a number of products in my moisturizing routine, maybe four or five max on bad days, so it was a little difficult to accept that I’d only be using just the one cream for the next week. I worried that the gel-like Wish U Clear Skin cream would be too heavy (or not heavy enough) and the essential oils would aggravate the greasiness in my skin. I put a little extra onto the driest parts of my face and sparingly swiped the rest across my cheeks and forehead, sceptical until a few days later in the process when I realized that all the flaky skin I’d been getting on my chin had completely disappeared (take note that I did this experiment in the middle of our recent heatwave in KL!) and the oiliness hadn’t gotten any worse.

makeup setting spray malaysia

In addition to the face cream I started to use the Dewy & Hydrating Face Mist after moisturizing and also after washing my face in the mornings to keep my skin hydrated.

This product was really great for giving my skin an extra boost at the beginning of the day, not making me feel greasy or dirty after long hours and also gave a burst of extra moisture before bedtime. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t make my pores much smaller, but it did help to restore the pH balance in my skin – a benefit I don’t see promised a lot in skincare – because I didn’t see oiliness under my makeup even after several hours wearing it.

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Also I’m shocked with how amazing this facial oil worked for me! This is the second time I’ve ever tried using a facial oil on my skin and after my disaster of an experience the first time, I was totally skeptical on how this one would actually work!  However, this incredible product – Watch Me Glow – has actually blown me away. I only needed the tiniest amount and between application and the time it took for me to finish freaking out, it had already fully absorbed into my skin!

WHAT. I woke up the next day looking fresher, feeling non-greasy and actually noticing less redness in the face.What a powerful product! A must have!!

australian pink clay mask

Last but not least, a special treat, the Australian Pink Clay Face Mask. This is the one hyped-up product that is totally worth it! It completely sucked out all impurities from my pores and left me feeling incredibly smooth and soft rather than dry and flaky like it does with other clay face masks I’ve used in the past.

The only downside is that I can’t leave the mask on for too long as it has the potential to dry my skin out (and I’m the type who likes to put on a face mask and then do all my housework while it does its magic), however you can use milk with this mask powder which is really luxurious! Do note though that I didn’t use this mask every day, I only used it twice during the whole week of the experiment as I didn’t want to aggravate my skin in any way!

The Results and Final Thoughts!

This experience overall was surprisingly positive! I’m used to being quite harsh on my skin, so making a big switch to only using several products instead of many was definitely a huge change for me and I think a good break for my (usually rather abused) skin. Out of everything, my favourite products to use were definitely the Golden Elixir and Dewy Mist, as both were so gentle yet were strong and I could see physical results in my skin quality and lack of oiliness. See the picture below!

After using Hello Natural Co’s  products for 12 days

natural skin care malaysia 9

I think the only thing I would have liked to have used through my whole experiment was a face scrub! I’m so used to using an exfoliator every other day that it was a strange experience not to use one. So I’d recommend adding that into this particular routine if you’d like to give it a try yourself – Hello Natural Co even has their own body scrub that is safe to use on your face as well, so you can always give that a shot!

I definitely will continue to use these products in my regular routine, especially if I start to feel super oily or notice extra dryness in my complexion and I do have to commend Hello Natural on their amazing blends and formulas!

I highly recommend giving this experiment a try yourself too! You never know how natural products will work with your skin and they could surprise you just like they did for me!

Emily Fielder

Skin Care Enthusiast

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