Antiperspirants? Thank u, next.

The words “all-natural” usually arouse one of two responses. Either it’s the crinkled nose, furrowed brow and the questioning eyes silently asking whether you’re some kind of weird hippie, or there’s the overexcited, oh-my-god-you-go-chemical-free-too crazy eyes followed by a full rundown of the best essential oil mix to clean out your toilet.

However, nowadays in our technically advanced society full of innovation and amazing ideas, we’ve developed so many no-nasty products that don’t make you feel like you’re going overboard with the whole ‘chemical free’ living situation.

Unfortunately, there are some things you do need to prepare for when switching to all-natural products, especially when it comes to body, skin and hair care. As you grow up, your body has gotten so used to using items that not only keep away the nasty smells your body produces, but also stop normal bodily functions entirely for a temporary time. This is what makes it a little bit of a difficult process to transition to all natural goodies and may make you want to give up at times! However, there’s no need to fret! We’re here to help your journey to using natural deodorant the easiest it can be.

The very first thing that you need to be made aware of, is that you definitely will notice an increase in body odour the first few days after making the switch. Your body (especially after using all those antiperspirants) will start to release all the built up toxins that are ready to make their daring escape. It’s not abnormal, you’re not weird, I promise. It’s the detox period, your body needs this!

The second important thing to note, is that you will sweat. I can tell you straight up, you will feel your wet underarms at times, you will deal with sweat patches on some of your shirts. What I can also tell you, is that sweating is a totally natural necessary bodily function, you kinda need to sweat. Just putting that one out there too!

So, now that you know these two facts, let’s get into making this transition work for you.

Firstly, know that it’s okay to re-apply the product. Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes we’re hormonal and sometimes we’re just having a stressful day – applying more no-nasty solution helps you to feel refreshed, smell yummy and feel confident.

Hello Natural Co has a perfect sized all-natural formula deodorant balm that would easily fit into even the tiniest of handbags, making it super simple to just whip it out on a trip to the bathroom and swipe a little extra under those now-healthy pits! (we’ll link it here for easy access.)


I think you may have heard this before, but exfoliating can be your best friend. Usually we talk about it for your face, but did you know that armpits also get clogged pores too? Word on the street is exfoliating once a week will clear out buildup and increase absorption for future deodorant applications. Lucky for you Hello Natural also has a beautiful all-natural body scrub that smells like Chocolate Birthday cake!

Lastly, talc-free body powder should fast become your new best friend. After you apply the deodorant, be sure to pat on a little absorbent powder to suck up the access moisture before it soaks through your shirt. It might be a little more tedious, but once again Hello Natural Co has come through with a beautiful & smooth all-natural body powder to meet your every need! (seriously, what haven’t they done?) (also, without bias, this is one of my favourite smelling products they have)

These three products put together will help you along on your quest to become a natural deodorant user, I guarantee. But do remember that despite all the extra help, this transition does take time and needs patience in order to work its magic on your bod.

Know that it’s not a sin to use your antiperspirants, but also know that you will be doing your body a huge favour by stopping. Your pores and your sweat glands will thank you, and ultimately, you will find that your body feels less toxic when you sweat more (as not-so-nice as that sounds!) as it’s a basic need to get rid of the nasties in your system!

I personally wish you all the best on your journey to becoming a natural body care goddess, and be aware that I’m also walking the long road with you!

Good luck with those healthy, happy armpits!

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