If you’re into skincare, I guarantee you’ve heard about Pink Australian Clay. It has taken the world by storm in recent years and let me tell you – this was a hype-train that I wanted to board.

I’d heard the stories, I’d seen the videos on Instagram, I was ready to have my life changed. It wasn’t even until very recently that I finally got to try this skin-altering mask made by Hello Natural Co, and boy oh boy, was I impressed.


If you didn’t already know, Pink Australian Clay has so many ridiculously amazing benefits for your face, among other things. The clay itself is a gentle mix of red and white clay and is fantastic for sensitive skin, being light in texture but deeply nourishing as it has so many restorative properties. A lot of other clays tend to suck away the oils and greasiness from your skin, this makes you dry and feel tight because they are made to clean up the excess moisture, whereas Pink Clay actually works with the natural oils in your skin giving you the boost you need to replenish it for a gorgeous fresh look!

It’s slightly grainy, quick drying and exfoliating, so it draws out all those nasties from your pores while also calming redness to even out your skin tone AND it also reduces acne and blackheads! What did we do to deserve such a blessing?


Honestly, with all these benefits, I’d be ready to stock up as much of this stuff as possible, but Hello Natural Co has taken these already stunning results one step further.

How you may ask? By adding one simple ingredient to the mixture; barley.

That stuff you get in your drinks sometimes? Yeah, that stuff.

Not only is barley ridiculously good for you via consumption, but it also performs rather amazingly when added to your skin. The zinc present in barley actually helps to heal and repair the skin (think when you’ve accidentally picked that pimple too hard), reducing the amount of tear in your skin significantly. Barley brightens your skin tone too! It contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to both fight infection or acne and gently exfoliate to control the amount of oil your skin releases.


With these two kick-butt ingredients mixed together, just think of how gorgeous your skin is going to be! I highly recommend getting your hands on a Australian Pink Clay Mask from Hello Natural Co so you can try it yourself, and when you do, try following the instructions below to DIY the best face mask to reap all the benefits of this incredible formula!



How to use Australian Pink Clay Mask:

Step 1 – Take a small amount of Pink Clay powder from your bottle. About the size of a Malaysian 20 cent coin. (Though use more if you wanna, it’s your time to treat yourself!)


Step 2 – Add a similar but slightly smaller amount of water (or milk for something smoother!), forming a paste.


Step 3 – Don’t worry if it’s a little chunky, that’s the barley! Go ahead and paste that magic mixture all over your beautiful face!


Step 4 – Keep yourself occupied for 10 minutes (give or take depending on thickness of application) while it dries completely. It’ll feel weird, but trust me, it’s gonna turn out great.


Step 5 – Wash your face thoroughly with warm water.


Step 6 – Check out your practically flawless skin in the mirror and damn! Don’t you look good!


Of course, don’t forget to moisturize and keep drinking water! Hello Natural Co’s Australian Pink Clay Mask will get you glowing on the outside, but your skin needs help from the inside too.

Give it a try today and let us know what your thoughts are! What would you like to see from us next?


All the best with that beautiful skin!

THIS IS CRAZY GOOD! My Holy Grail. Skin feels clearer, fresher & smoother.

Vivienne Bondega

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