best deodorant malaysiaStill have funky smelling armpits even after you’ve put on deodorant?

Surprisingly, there are a number of factors that can contribute to body odour, one of which is how our bodies handle pH imbalances!
If your underarm pH level has actually changed over time, it may also change the way that your body produces sweat and therefore odour. Even our award winning natural deodorant, which works with your pH levels to keep stink at bay, will have trouble interacting with your body and keeping you smelling fresh.
So why is your pH balance off? There are a lot of reasons!

  • Hormonal Changes
    Fluctuating hormone levels can result in pH imbalance, an example would be during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Daily Stress Started a new job recently? Moved to a bigger city? This can cause stress that causes a pH imbalance, but also introduces your body to a potentially higher polluted environment, which will throw your body off as it tries to compensate for the change.
  •  Change in Diet, Everyday Products and Introducing New Medications There are some (smelly) foods that affect your pH levels too! These include spicy food (garlic and onions), asparagus, red meat and alcohol.
    Inconsistent usage of your everyday body products and also the consumption of some new medications can confuse your body and upset your pH balance.


So what should you do now?

The good news is that it’s super easy to restore your pH balance! All you need is apple cider vinegar or lemon and to follow the directions below:

  • Combine equal parts water and apple cider vinegar (we use a tablespoon of each) or freshly squeezed pure lemon juice
  • Apply the mixture once a day in the morning and hold your arms up to let it dry completely
  • Apply your Hello Natural Co natural deodorant balm as usual (without washing off the solution applied earlier)
  • Continue to apply the mixture for 1-2 weeks to re-balance your pH levels!
  • You can also apply this nighttime if that’s what you prefer! 

We personally recommend this method every three months just to be sure your underarms are in tip-top condition and to use it with our natural deodorant balm for the best results! Take good care of those pits!


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